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Endorsements and Reviews

Here’s what readers have to say about A Guiding Life:

“Mark joins me for our annual Hot Rods & Reels Charity Fishing Tournaments with NASCAR Drivers annually. His book illustrates the joy of fishing and why so many of us are obsessed with it. Fishing is special to all of us in a different way and for me it reminds me of precious time spent with my grandfather. Often in life when I get too busy with the foundation, I stop and remind myself of what Johnny Morris says…’If you are too busy to go fishing, you are too busy.’ Mark’s book catches this outdoorsman spirit and is a must read for all anglers out there that need time on the water to live life a little better.”  Darrell Gwynn, 
Darrell Gwynn Foundation

“Mark puts in words what many of us who commune with the joys and mysteries of the wild have long known in our hearts. His book is an excellent rendition of personal experience and commentary for both the true sportsman and the novice who wishes to understand our shared passion and love of nature.”  E.T. (Tom) Meredith IV, Wyoming Rancher and Outfitter

“I have known Mark for many years and have had the pleasure of sharing the boat with him on several occasions. This book shares his life’s passion for the outdoors and his belief in the ethical harvest of game. It’s a great read!”  Matt Herren, B.A.S.S. Elite Series Pro

“Mark Shepard is a true American outdoorsman that you would love to hang with anytime. Read his book and see for yourself. And I bet you’ll learn something you didn’t know, and maybe change your mind about something you did.”  Tim O’Neil, Marketing Director, Wildlife Foundation of Florida

“This book is a must read for anyone interested in the outdoors. Mark’s life stories are a testament to his dedication to promote conservation of our natural resources.”  Joe Staigl, Wildlife Biologist and Lake Manager

“I’ve fished against Mark in tournaments, shared hunting blinds with him, and have come to respect his unyielding courtesy and faith. Mark has lived a life of unique experiences, and I know readers will get to know and appreciate Mark as an old-school American individualist. Effective game management in the U.S. can be achieved by a consistent and knowledgeable harvest, carried out by ethical hunters like Mark Shepard.”  Larry D. Martoglio, Wildlife Biologist and Forest Ranger

“If living the outdoors life has always baffled you, this book is the key to understanding its mysteries!”  Todd Kersey, founder and owner of

“The bottom line of Mark’s message is to: Get out of the house. Have fun. Go fishing, hunting, boating, camping, hiking, meet people, and make friends. It’s healthier for your body, mind, and soul rather than being confined to four walls, mesmerized with the cyber world of today’s electronics.”  Tom Martin, Chicago Police Officer (retired)

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