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Captain Mark Shepard born in Hamilton, Ohio lived on family farm in Fairfeld, Ohio tell the age of 9. We had a farm pond, where my brother and I loved to fish more than anything else. We fished every pond and creek we could find, my grand father fished with us all the time. We went to Florida every year for vacation, we hope to sell the farm some day and buy a place in Ft. Peirce, Florida.

We eventuality sold the farm,  my family moved to Ft Pierce and the family bought a small fishing resort on South Hutchinson Island in 1975. I grew up around fishing both tourist and commercial fishing industry,  living in Ft Pierce I had the best salt water fishing at my finger tips. But, as you can probably imagine I loved bass fishing the best, as kid I love going to Lake Okeechobee the best!

I had small boats as a kid,  but when I got about 16 years old I purchase my first bass boat.  I bass fished all over South Florida until the age of 26, when I went up North with my boat in tow learning to fish Northern lakes and rivers. This helped my professional fishing career a lot, I then went on to start fishing with FLW Outdoors in 1996.

Captain Mark Shepard has become a skillful professional angler, sensational fishing guide, promoter and top competitor on the BASS Master & FLW Outdoors tournament trails. In addition, Mark is the creator of his very own hand carved crank baits.

In his career he has qualified for the:
Bassmaster tour, B.A.S.S. Elite Qualifier, 4-time FLW Stren Championship, BFL Regionals, many team championships and the winner of the Stren Tournament on Lake Eufala in Alabama.

Mark guides many celebrities including professional ball players, NASCAR drivers like Ryan Newman, musicians, actors along with many pro anglers. He is very active working kids and conservation minded in his daily task.

He has appeared on several TV and video shows including:  FLW Outdoors, Outdoor World, Outdoor Channel and more…..

Along with performing seminars across the state of Florida, Mark has been a guest speaker on various radio shows including: Strictly Florida Fishing Radio weekly on ESPN Radio and others local stations.

Mark is one of the Nations most highly respected pros traveling the country and competing at all levels. Mark is also one of fishing’s most popular personalities. He has won tournaments at all levels, including the prestigious tournament trails.

Mark is very dedicated to the Conservation of this sport. Mark works extremely hard at bringing awareness to the conservation of our resources. He is very committed to the promotion of our sport to further enhance the great outdoors for future generations. It is this dedication to his sponsors that makes Mark the one to have on board for extreme promotions and to catch big Florida bass. Mark is active in the Florida Freshwater Fishing Coalition when not guiding and tournament fishing.

To read more on Mark’s professional profile and results go to FLW Outdoors and BASS Master.

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