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Two Day Fishing Trip On Lake Okeechobee

SGT Bryan Larson; US Army

BassOnline was fortunate to work with to provide a couple of days of fishing experience on world famous Lake Okeechobee for a wounded veteran.
Through this partnership we were able to make this dream come true for Sgt Brian. Who has a true love for fishing and had always wanted to experience Lake Okeechobee. Here’s a little about Sgt Brian Larson and how his two days went on Lake Okeechobee.

SGT Bryan Larson, was deployed to Iraq with the 3rd Coscom in 2005-2006 and was a Gunner on a HUMVEE. He has been awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star. He was wounded by a roadside bomb in Taji, Iraq. Since Iraq he has returned home to Minnesota and married his wife and had two beautiful children. He went through medical evaluation process and was medically discharged from the army. He has always found peace in fishing and has always hoped to be able to fish on the famed Lake Okeechobee.

Read along to experience his two days on the water…

First Day Fishing With Capt Dave Lauer

Hey, this is Captain Dave Lauer calling in, fishing out of Belle Glade, the South East corner of the big Okeechobee. I had the pleasure to fish with Sergeant Brian Larson Out of Minnesota and his longtime friend been buddies ever since they’re a little kids, I call him iron Mike because his hook set is so hard that it rips the lips off the fish. Anyway These guys came down for a 2 day fishing trip on Lake Okeechobee We started off with a little artificial we ran into some schooling fish in one of the cuts off the rim canal fish busting all over. Then we went out to the lake to the outside grass line and threw some shiners, we ended up having to call Howard to get some more. We started off with 5 dozen and picked up another two dozen and had a good bite going from 8-130 and just had a good time those guys caught some big ones They lost some big ones. The fishing was pretty much steady all day long til about 130 and then the heat got to them and they went on strike. It was a pleasure to fish with a Hero, a Iraq veteran protecting our liberties so that we can fish down here in Florida. So say thanks to a veteran. This is Captain Dave signing out, tight lines.

Second Day Fishing With Capt Mark Shepard

This is Captain Mark Shepard with your Lake Okeechobee update. Well folks out on the water with Brian and his friend Mike. Brian is a wounded warrior He’s been tore up pretty bad there in a war, and it was great honor to be able to take him out on the water. It was kind of spotty at best, fishing all over doing some light tackle fishing, but what fish we caught was a lot of fun. We were catching them on that light line light tackle, We went around to a lot of different areas and picked up Just a little bit here and there. Hit one good Spot and put quite a few numbers in the boat with one decent fish about 4 pounds. It’s always an honor to be part of these trips and to get these guys out on the water, means a lot and for the service they’ve given us, It’s great to give back. This is Captain Mark Shepard all the best.

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