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Back Side Of The Moon Phase On Lake Okeechobee

Back Side Of The Moon Phase On Lake Okeechobee

This is Capt Mark Shepard, and this is your Lake Okeechobee fishing report. Well folks over the past week we have put a lot of fish in the boat and posted them on Facebook, and let me tell you what the numbers are great, some really beautiful quality fish. Just one adventure after another, but it’s starting to happen, We’re starting to see the water coming down on Lake Okeechobee. Which is a huge plus for the artificial bite, and we have had some fantastic days doing some artificial, little bit on the backside of the moon right now, but still catching some good quality fish, but within this next moon Phase we will start seeing more and more bluegill push into the shallows around which can make the female bass very very defensive so the artificial is going get better and better and better its getting to be my favorite time of year, getting a lot of top water bites now water temperature just been real nice and stable just all together fantastic week and looking forward to our next adventure out there on the water. It’s going to get better and better. this is Capt Mark Shepard don’t miss out on this place.

Fun Fact

Lake Okeechobee the largest Lake in Florida is actually quite shallow with an average of about 9 feet, it is world famous for its largemouth Bass, and it is also home to a few other species of fish, most notable are the catfish which are fished commercially and the Black Crappie a highly sought after panfish, Lake Okeechobee has a diverse ecosystem, and each day on the water is a different adventure, from fishing the canals and along the walls to fishing the flats which are filled with flora that provides shelter for quite a few species, wild shiners are the main bait of choice while fishing for Bass, farm raised shiners work also, but due to the fact that farm shiners do not act like prey they will not illicit a predatory response, bass will still eat them, just not as much. now why does this happen, when you look at the bite behavior of bass you will see they typically have a few reasons to bite: hunger, territory, and instinct, now if the bass is not hungry but you toss a bait in its self defined territory it will still hit the bait, also if your bait is able to mimic a injured prey species it will also it it even if not hungry but if the bass is hungry the bait is in its territory and it can illicit an instinctual predatory response well you have the trifecta of of a good bite.

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