Bass Fishing Book

A Red-Neck Country Boy Bares His Red, White & Blue Soul


Mark Shepard
Pro Bass Fisherman, Avid Hunter & Master Guide

A Guiding Life: Living, Fishing and Hunting the American Dream, by Mark Shepard with Phil Fragasso, was published on September 1. The back cover of the book describes Mark and his story like this:

Part Ernest Hemingway, part Grizzly Adams, and part downhome philosopher, Mark Shepard is 100% American. His story of near-death experiences, hunting adventures, tournament fishing competitions, family bonds, and an overarching love for the outdoors will entertain, inform, and inspire everyone from like-minded outdoorsmen to urban homebodies.

Mark’s career includes stints as a commercial fisherman (beginning at age 14), farmer, steelworker, bartender, bodyguard, professional bass fisherman, lure designer, and master fishing guide. And through it all his work ethic, sense of humor, love of people, and respect for all of God’s creatures shine like a beacon on the America our founding fathers envisioned.

In Mark’s Own Words
I’ve spent my whole life enjoying the outdoors — hiking, hunting, fishing, and communing with the natural beauty that makes America so special. I wrote A Guiding Life to help encourage everyone — young people, middle-aged people, and seniors — to spend more time enjoying nature and learning about the wildlife we share this planet with.

While I don’t consider myself to be special by any means, I do believe my story is one that will interest a broad cross-section of readers. I’ve been a professional bass fisherman on both the FLW and Bassmaster tours. I worked as a commercial fisherman for much of my youth, and I’ve been an avid hunter for my whole life. I love and respect the traditional values of our great country and I want to ensure that future generations get to experience and enjoy everything America has to offer.

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